KEYA® Smart is now available to NHS patients on prescription. Ask your healthcare professional about switching to KEYA® today.

KEYA® - Blood glucose & ketone testing

KEYA is a glucose meter like no other. It is the first meter that combines, into one test, accurate blood glucose measurement plus accurate detection of blood ketones whenever they are present.

This means users benefit from the knowledge that during routine glucose testing, KEYA will automatically check for ketones and if abnormal levels are detected, it will immediately trigger an on-screen alert allowing timely action to be taken.

KEYA is the meter of choice for people that want the control that comes from regular glucose testing with the added benefit and reassurance that comes from ketone measurement, but without the hassle of conventional ketone tests that require extra finger-sticking and separate test strips. KEYA reduces the number of tests so theres less testing, cost and less to carry.


KEYA is really smart. It automatically checks for ketones, during normal glucose testing and won’t bother you unless abnormal levels are detected. This means one less test for you to think about and giving you confidence that you’re covered for ketones whenever you check your glucose levels, all completely automatically.


KEYA is uncompromising. It has been designed with a large colour touchscreen, user-friendly interface and superior tracking and trending tools for glucose and ketone results of up to 3 months. KEYA comes with everything you need to get started including a vial of 50 two-in-one test strips each providing a blood glucose and ketone test.

KEYA® Smart colour-coded alerts

If elevated ketones are detected, the KEYA meter immediately informs the patient using colour-coded alerts in green, amber and red relating to the level of ketones in blood. Pressing the alert button displays the ketone result. In the absence of ketones KEYA works like a regular blood glucose meter, providing only glucose results.


Ketone alerts in Green below 0.6mmol/L are not displayed by default unless selected by the user.

KEYA® Smart design

Developed with the patient and HCP firmly in mind, KEYA removes the need for separate ketone testing, extra finger-pricking, urine samples and the need to carry separate testing supplies.


KEYA has been carefully designed for the user with large test strips for ease of handling, a colour touchscreen and colour-coded ketone alerts.

KEYA® Smart features

  • Colour-coded results and alerts
  • KEYA® Smart trending and tracking tools
  • 2-in-1 KEYA® Smart test strips

2-in-1 KEYA® Smart test strips

Unique strip technology simultaneously measures both glucose and ketone levels from a single sample in every test.