Q. Who should use the KEYA® Smart system?

A. KEYA Smart is designed for people with diabetes who want a blood glucose meter for regular monitoring of their blood sugar levels but who also want the knowledge and reassurance that their blood ketones are within normal levels during routine glucose testing. Ketones can become elevated when there is not enough insulin in the body to use the available glucose forcing energy derivation from stored fats. The end result is a rise in ketone levels which if left untreated can result in a serious acute diabetic emergency known as diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). People that are dependent on insulin for treating their diabetes are at most risk of developing DKA. Therefore, patients benefiting the most from KEYA Smart are:


  • Children and teenagers with Type 1 diabetes
  • People using an Insulin pump
  • Pregnant women with diabetes
  • Type 1 diabetics at risk of DKA
Q. How do I know if I need to measure ketones?

A. Typically if you are at high risk of developing or prone to Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) you should regularly measure for ketones. Talk to your Healthcare Professional to see if you could benefit from KEYA Smart.


For further information on DKA, see www.nhs.uk/Conditions/diabetic-ketoacidosis/Pages/Introduction.aspx


Always follow your healthcare professionals advice if elevated ketones are detected and if ever in doubt contact your doctor.

Q. How many types of test strips do I need for measuring Glucose and Ketones with the KEYA® Smart system?

A. The KEYA Smart monitor only requires one type of test strip, the KEYA test strips. This is because KEYA test strips utilise advanced SYNCHRO-KINETIC™ technology which enables every KEYA test strip to measure both Glucose and Ketones in each test.

Q. How many times do I need to lance my finger to measure my Glucose and Ketones with the KEYA® Smart system?

A. KEYA Smart simply requires one droplet of blood from one finger stick. The advanced KEYA Smart system does the rest to measure both your glucose and ketones from the one blood sample.

Q. Are you telling me that I simply need to do just one test to measure both my Glucose and Ketones?

A. Yes. KEYA Smart is a glucose meter like no other. It is the first meter that combines, into one test, both an accurate blood glucose measurement plus the accurate detection of blood ketones whenever present.

Q. I find it difficult to understand when and how often I should test for my ketones. How is KEYA® Smart going to help?

A. KEYA Smart makes it simple for you and removes the need for you to decide when to test for ketones. Because KEYA Smart measures for ketones every time you measure your glucose, you no longer need to worry and think about separate ketone testing.

Q. Can I monitor my levels which are in the normal Ketone range?

A. KEYA Smart has an optional alert mode for monitoring normal ketone levels for users that want additional ketosis information or want to understand the effect of diet and exercise under the guidance of their healthcare professional.

Q. I understand that KEYA® Smart measures Ketones as well as Glucose in every test. Will my Glucose reading still be accurate?

A. Yes. KEYA Smart exceeds the new ISO 15197 guidelines for glucose accuracy. You also get the benefit and reassurance of ketone monitoring as well thanks to the innovative SYNCHRO-KINETIC™ technology.

Q. I like the idea of just one test for both Glucose and Ketone monitoring with KEYA® Smart, but won’t I have to squeeze my finger more for a larger blood sample?

A. No. That’s the great thing about KEYA Smart technology. KEYA test strips only require a small 0.5 µl volume droplet of blood to measure both glucose and ketones.

Q. The KEYA® Smart test time must be long in order to measure both the Glucose and Ketones in my blood?

A. No. You will be pleased to hear that the test time is still just 5 seconds, like most other blood glucose meters, to measure both your glucose and ketones simultaneously.

Q. The KEYA® Smart battery is rechargeable, but how long will it last before it needs charging?

A. Under normal usage conditions and after a full charge, the meter will operate for approximately one month before requiring charging. Charging is via a micro-USB cable, which is supplied with a charger in the box.

Q. Glucose and Ketone measurements, colour touch screen, advanced analytics and Bluetooth®, the KEYA® Smart system must be expensive?

A. Actually no. KEYA Smart delivers affordable innovative technology and valuable insights and reassurance at a cost equivalent to premium Glucose/ketone blood testing systems.

Q. Does KEYA® Smart have wireless connectivity?

A. KEYA Smart has been Bluetooth enabled but the compatible APP for this will be available soon.

Q. Is KEYA® Smart compatible with diasend®?

A. Yes, KEYA Smart is compatible with the diasend® system.

Q. Does KEYA® Smart have an App available for download?

A. Apps for KEYA Smart are in development for both iOS and Android platforms and will be available soon.

Q. Is KEYA® Smart compliant with the UK’s DVLA guidance?

A. KEYA Smart is compliant with the UK’s DVLA guidance that requires meters to have 3 months worth of stored results.

For further information: www.gov.uk/guidance/diabetes-mellitus-assessing-fitness-to-drive