How KEYA® works

Unique strip technology

The KEYA Smart 2-in-1 test strip measures both glucose and ketones within the same sample in 5 seconds. Using the new SYNCHRO-KINETIC electrochemical technique, the KEYA test strip enables analytically resolved, individual measurement of glucose and ketones in the same finger stick blood sample.

The SYNCHRO-KINETIC KEYA Smart test strips are designed to accurately measure both glucose and ketones simultaneously in every test – from one 0.5μL droplet of blood in just five seconds. KEYA monitors the level of ketones over the entire glycaemic range, including ketone detection in the euglycaemic region.

KEYA® Smart colour-coded alerts

See how the KEYA Smart decision support system works using colour-coded alerts.


KEYA® Smart Trending & Tracking

See how the KEYA Smart trending and tracking tools work for both glucose and ketones.

The KEYA® Smart meter

If elevated ketones are detected, the meter immediately informs the patient using colour-coded alerts in green, amber and red relating to the level of ketones in the blood.

Pressing the alert button displays the ketone result. In the absence of ketones* KEYA Smart works like a regular blood glucose meter, providing only glucose results.

*In default mode, the ketone threshold is set at 0.6mmol/L ketones. The default ketone threshold can be changed to display ketone levels below 0.6mmol/L as a ketone alert in Green.

Patients and HCPs can review information readily with trending and tracking reports presented as a summary graphic. The meter can provide 7, 14, 30 and 90 day analyses of glucose and ketones.

Every glucose result has a corresponding ketone result. Results can be tagged and filtered with useful information relating to meal times, insulin, exercise and sick days.

KEYA is compatible with the Diasend® upload system.


See how the KEYA Smart test strip using SYNCHRO-KINETIC™ Technology works.

KEYA® Smart Product Features Overview

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