KEYA® Smart is now available to NHS patients on prescription

KEYA® Smart is an award winning blood sugar meter that discretely checks for elevated ketones during routine blood sugar testing. Until now it has been difficult to maintain awareness of ketone levels which if elevated can lead to a diabetic emergency called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Rising ketones can be self-treated if the warning signs are picked up early enough and a ketone test performed. However, this requires patients to have a ketone test at-hand which means carrying extra supplies. KEYA® removes this burden as it automatically checks for ketones every time a blood glucose test is performed. This means patients can feel confident that ketone levels are normal regardless of how they feel during everyday blood glucose management.

KEYA® Smart is the only test of its kind available today for people with diabetes and KEYA® Smart test strips have now been approved by the UK NHS for prescription throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The 2-in-1 KEYA® test only requires 5 seconds, one tiny drop of blood, has a colour touchscreen and a 1200 results memory plus Bluetooth® capability.

Ask your healthcare professional about switching to KEYA® Smart and providing you with the test strips on NHS prescription.

Further Information:

The KEYA® Smart test strips can be prescribed using the PIP code 403-7859.

Alternatively, KEYA® Smart test strips can be purchased at most high street pharmacy chains or at www.keyasmart.com/purchase.

For further information on the KEYA® Smart product, please visit www.keyasmart.com.